The birth of Intaro Rhiannon

And the children entered in awe into a world as young and innocent as themselves. They walked upon the miracle that their parents had handed to them as a gift in a final act of love and the will to create, and filled with this beauty, they laughed and cried at the same time. And from this bell-bright sound and the tears that wetted the earth, SHE was born. When she opened her eyes and looked up at the young star children, they fell for the First-Created that they themselves gave birth to out of their overwhelming joy and gratitude, and they made her their prophetess, and her name was the first spoken word in that world: Intaro Rhiannon. The sound of her name echoed in the trees, the lakes and the seas, and in the animals great and small, and that echo, the pure joy of creation and being, has been ringing since those first days of Athyria.For eons the first child, the First-Created, walked among the beings of the world, spreading the will and the words of the star children with hand and heart, and only when she passed away did they understand what they had lost.

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