Intaro Rhiannon

The Intaro is a figure of myths, sagas and legends. Some scholars say that she has always been a part of Athyria, a gift from its creators to the children of the Eternals.

Others say that the First-created is an echo of the melancholy that was felt when the creators of Athyria surrendered the world to their children and turned away to face their inevitable death.

Then as now, Rhiannon embodies the noblest virtues that mortals might attain: heroes laid their swords at her feet and poets created works in her name. She was the pinnacle of numerous quests and the source of all honor and wisdom and remains as such in the minds of the tribes of Athyria even after her death.

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In-game texts

The Creation of Athyria

And so it was that those stars, which had grown old in years and spirit, body and soul, perishing in the struggle against the infinity of an all-dissolving power, came together for the last time, when all their works had faded and asked for offsprings from the realm of legends and thoughts, who should succeed them one day. But those should prosper without knowing the toil of war and growth, …

The birth of Intaro Rhiannon

And the children entered in awe into a world as young and innocent as themselves. They walked upon the miracle that their parents had handed to them as a gift in a final act of love and the will to create, and filled with this beauty, they laughed and cried at the same time. And from this bell-bright sound and the tears that wetted the earth, SHE was born. When …

The death of Intaro Rhiannon

When Intaro Rhiannon slowly succumbed to her wounds in the arms of her youngest son, she raised her voice for the last time and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth in the withered souls of all those who did not follow the First-Created of Athyria with an upright heart and mind. Powerful and full of hope she sang of a new time that was to come, and the peoples …