The Creation of Athyria

And so it was that those stars, which had grown old in years and spirit, body and soul, perishing in the struggle against the infinity of an all-dissolving power, came together for the last time, when all their works had faded and asked for offsprings from the realm of legends and thoughts, who should succeed them one day.

But those should prosper without knowing the toil of war and growth, only enjoying the last great achievement of their ancestors. And so the stars created out of themselves one last world – Athyria.

Into it they gave their most beautiful works, knowledge of all that had been before, and they invoked that place with a last kiss of true, upright love that contained a gift from each star, and Intaro Rhiannon became reality and she was to be the teacher for the young stars.

Then the old, tired beacons of a once powerful race turned to their final battle and went forth to meet their end in honor, to be extinguished forever. Knowing that their inheritance was eternally secure.

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